Solar Image Processing Workshop V – First Announcement



Solar Image Processing Workshop V – First Announcement

First Announcement

Fifth Solar Image Processing Workshop

12 – 16 September 2010.
Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets, Les Diablerets, Switzerland,

This series of workshops brings together members of the solar physics and image processing communities to present and discuss advances in solar image processing techniques. The design and implementation of existing algorithms as reliable and robust tools are discussed, as well as automated techniques for processing very large amounts of data.

The fifth Solar Image Processing Workshop ( will concentrate on the role played by solar image processing as we enter the petabyte era of solar physics. For example, the Solar Dynamics Observatory vastly increases the amount of data we have about our Sun, and solar image processing is taking a central role in reducing SDO and other data into useful information about the underlying physics.

Contribution to oral and poster sessions will be solicited in the second announcement, including presentations of image processing methods, software and visualization tools. Contributions involving SDO, PROBA2, STEREO, Hinode, SOHO are particularly solicited.

The workshop will consist of a 3.5 day meeting. In common with previous workshops in this series, mornings will be given over to talks, whilst in the afternoon the workshop will split up into working groups, each of which will cover a given topic in greater depth. Special attention will be given to the results from the Solar Dynamics Observatory mission. The meeting will address topics in the application of computer vision techniques to the challenges of solar physics, such as solar tomography, 3-d reconstruction of solar features, automated feature detection, multiwavelength and motion analysis, blind source separation, and distributed data analysis infrastructure.

For the latest updates please consult the meeting website

LOC Chair: Andre Csillaghy, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
SOC Chair: Jack Ireland, ADNET Systems Inc./NASA GSFC

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