Accommodations/Travel (updated July 13, 2012)



Accommodations/Travel (updated July 13, 2012)

Hotels in Bozeman

A block of 80 rooms are reserved at the Holiday Inn. The number is 406-587-4561 and the block-reservation is listed under the name “Solar Information Processing”.

The rooms are at the government rate of $110 + 7% bed tax and $1 Tourist Business Improvement District tax, for a total of $118.70 per room per night.  These rooms have been block-reserved for the Workshop until July 22.  Any unused rooms in the block after that time will be released to the public. Participants can still book at the hotel but it will be on an “as available” basis.

New! July 13, 2012: participants can use

to book the conference hotel online instead of calling.

Hotel reservations can also be made by calling the hotel at 406-587-4561 (see for more details).  Please reference ‘Solar Information Processing’ when booking the room.

The conference hotel has a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Inform the hotel of your arrival beforehand, or call from the airport arrival hall (dedicated free phone lines).

In addition, MSU maintains an extensive list of hotels in Bozeman.

Air Travel

Bozeman is accessible via air travel through the Bozeman Yellowstone Airport (BZN). The airport is served by

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • United


The Holiday Inn has a complimentary airport shuttle (404-587-4561). For taxis, call Valley Cab, 406-388-9999, around $ 30 from the airport, also for in-town transport. A taxi from the hotel to MSU campus and Main Street will only cost ~$ 15.

Bozeman has a *free* town bus service. The blue line connects the campus and the Hilton hotel, see here for schedule and itinerary:

Participants are encouraged to rent cars in groups, so they have easy access to hiking, restaurants, etc. Summer parking at MSU is easy to find.

Directions to the MSU campus

Bozeman is located off I-90. There are two interstate exits that will bring you
to the MSU campus.

Bozeman Yellowstone Airport (BZN) is approximately 15 minutes away from Montana State University by car.

From the Bozeman yellowstone international Airport

  • A – Interstate 90
  • B – Strand Union Building
  • C – North Hedges Hall

From The Interstate:

  • From the I-90, take exit 305 onto North 19th Avenue
  • Turn south (into Bozeman) and follow 19th to College Avenue. (approximately 3 miles).
  • Turn left onto College Avenue and you will reach a four-way stop, which is 11th Avenue.
  • Turn right and drive to the next four-way stop at Grant Street.
  • To reach the North Hedges Residence Hall, turn right
    • Short-term parking is available in front of the residence hall.
    • You will need to check in at the front desk.
  • To reach the Strand Union Building: turn left
    • The SUB will be on your left and hourly pay parking will be on your
      right. You may purchase a daily tag for $2.50 at the pay parking lot
      as well. If you already have a hang tag, you may park in the lots on
      the right, as long as you do NOT park in a space labeled handicapped
      or reserved.


  • Parking passes are available at a daily rate of $2.50 per vehicle Monday
    through Friday.
  • Passes are available at the front desk when you check in.
  • Complimentary parking is offered on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
  • Long-term parking passes may be purchased for $69 for S/B & E parking
    lots (valid May-August 31).
  • If parking on campus, you will be required to purchase a parking permit.
    • Available at your residence hall front desk, the parking kiosk on 7th
      and Grant Street, or through University Police.