Session 1 – Solar features, solar physics, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory – Morning
E. Robbrecht – Threading our way through automated detections (invited)
N. Labrosse – Automatic recognition of prominences in the EUV
M. DeRosa – An Automated Method for Determining the Orientation of Fibrils in H-alpha Images
P. Bernasconi – The Sigmoid Sniffer

Session 1 – Solar features, solar physics, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory – Afternoon
M. Aschwanden – Image processing techniques as used in solar physics (invited)
M. Georgoulis – Multi-scale properties of solar active regions and their eruptive ability


Session 2 – Three dimensions and the heliosphere – Morning
A. Bartoli – Image registration and structure-from-motion algorithms (invited)
M. Butala – Reconstruction Of The Dynamic 3D Solar Atmosphere With The Ensemble Kalman Filter
R. Hewett – Dynamic 3D coronal reconstructions with data from multiple observatories
L. Feng – 3D reconstruction of coronal loops
T. Moran – Polarimetric analysis of CMEs observed with STEREO
A. Thernisien – Forward Modeling of Flux Rope CMEs using SECCHI data

Session 3 – Solar features and feature tracking – Afternoon
S. Gissot – Feature tracking in solar physics (invited)
S. Chapman – Identification of Coronal Holes from CDS Spectroscopic Data


Session 3 – Solar features and feature tracking – Morning
L. Ofman – Coronal seismology or why we need automated detection of waves in the solar corona
R. Sych – Interactive remote data processing using the Pixelised Wavelet Filtering and Periodmapping methods
N. Durak – Specialized Image Feature Investigation to Detect Coronal Loops Automatically

Session 4 – New tools in solar physics – Morning
F. Auchere (E. Soubrie) – New visualization tools for data and feature/event catalogs (invited)
N. Hurlburt – Heliophysics Event Knowledgbase for SDO

Session 4 – New tools in solar physics – Afternoon
K. Hughitt РHelioviewer: Simplifying Solar and Heliospheric Data Visualization 
D. Mueller – JHelioViewer – A JPEG2000- based Discovery Infrastructure for Solar Image Data


Session 5 – Reports from the Working Groups – Morning
P. Gallagher – Summary of Working Group 1: Eruptive events and visualization tools
P. Bernasconi – Summary of Working Group 2: Solar disk features
J. Ireland – Summary of Working Group 3: Oscillations in the solar atmosphere
F. Kamalabadi – Summary of Working Group 4: Solar physics from multiple viewpoints

Closing Remarks
A. Davey – Features, events and detection methods for the SDO Science Center


Poster Session
S. Biskri – Extraction of solar magnetic loops with a wavelet-transform based method
J. Byrne – The kinematics of CMEs using multiscale methods
C. Delannee – Tests for running difference image processing on several kinds of wave
M. Georgoulis – ARIA: An automatic active region identification algorithm
R. Sych – Detection of quasi-stationary features in MHD turbulence of molecular clouds using the time-scale spectra
W. Thompson – 3D reconstruction of an erupting prominence
F. Watson – Mathematical morphology and applications in automated sunspot detection

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