Thursday October 23

Session 1 – The need and present status of solar image recognition

Bob Bentley – The need for automated feature recognition in the EGSO project.
Rees, David – Innovative IT for Space Weather Research
Valentina Zharkova – Survey of the existing solar feature recognition techniques

Session 2 – Feature recognition
Qahwaji – Automatic Detection of Filaments in Solar Images
Aboudarham, Jean – Filament recognition on Meudon H alpha spectroheliograms
Valentina Zharkova & Stan Ipson – Automated location of magnetic neutral lines
Rust, David – Automated Detection and Classification of Solar Filaments

session 3 – Feature recognition
Mikurda Kasia – The motivation to use pattern recogniction in investigations of solar photosphere
Sergei Zharkov – An automated detection of sunspots from Ca II K1 and SOHO/MDI images
Ali Benkhalil – An Automated Detection of Active Regions from Full Disk Solar Images

Friday October 24

session 4 – Motion tracking

Eva Robbrecht – CACTUS: Computer Aided CME Tracking
Samuel Gissot – Motion tracking using optical flow techniques on EIT image sequences
Hugh Potts – Flow analysis in continuum data
Getling, Alexander V. – Regularities in averaged granulation patterns

session 5 – Wavelet techniques
Antoine, Jean-Pierre – Wavelets, an analysis tool for the astronomer (review)
Guillermo Stenborg – Solar image enhancement and noise filtering using wavelets
Jean-Francois Hochedez – Wavelet analysis of EIT bright points
Jacques, Laurent – Detection and Classification of Bright-Points by Continuous Wavelet Transform.
C. Alex Young – Multiscale Feature Identification in Solar Flares and CMEs

session 6 – Data assimilation and visualisation
Peter Gallagher – Active Region Monitor (ARM)
Ronald Van der Linde – Solar Weather Browser
Lajos Gyori – Compiling sunspot catalogue: the principles
Portier-Fozzani, Fabrice – Multiscale Vision Model to improve 3D image processing for the solar corona
T. Dudok de Wit – A local correlation function for matching stereoscopic images

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