Keep the Date! Solar Information Processing Workshop VI



Keep the Date! Solar Information Processing Workshop VI

The next Solar Information Processing Workshop will be help

13-16 August, 2012 at Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.

You will have a noticed the slight re-branding of these workshops from ‘Image’ to ‘Information’ processing.  We think it is time to expand the attention of these workshops to discuss more generally how information about the Sun can be derived, stored, shared, transformed and analyzed using appropriate techniques from many other disciplines.  We will still be covering image processing and computer vision techniques applied to solar physics, but we will also be including other topics such as machine learning, data mining and new computing strategies.  The re-branding simply acknowledges and makes explicit what the community has been doing to determine the physics of the Sun.

So, keep the date free in your calendar, and we hope to see you in Bozeman next year!

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