First Announcement: Solar Information Processing Workshop VI

Monday 13 – Thursday 16 August, 2012, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, USA

Held since 2003, the Solar Image Processing workshops focus on the extraction of useful information from solar data. This meeting will broaden our attention to the more general problem of “Information Processing” and how to obtain the best scientific return out of the petabytes of data that are now available.

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Solar Image Processing Workshop V – First Announcement

First Announcement

Fifth Solar Image Processing Workshop

12 – 16 September 2010.
Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets, Les Diablerets, Switzerland,

This series of workshops brings together members of the solar physics and image processing communities to present and discuss advances in solar image processing techniques. The design and implementation of existing algorithms as reliable and robust tools are discussed, as well as automated techniques for processing very large amounts of data.

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