Announcement 7th Solar Information Processing workshop, 18-21 August, Belgium



Announcement 7th Solar Information Processing workshop, 18-21 August, Belgium

Dear Colleagues,

Registration and abstract submission are now open for the 7th Solar Information Processing Workshop which will take place in  La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium, during 18-21 August 2014. The meeting is organized by the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence and the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

Details on the program, venue, registration, abstract submission and accommodation are available on the meeting website: 

Important dates:

15 May 2014 : Request for financial support (with abstract)

15 June 2014: Abstract submission and early registration

18-21 August 2014: Workshop

The goal of this series of workshops is to stimulate communication between different communities (solar and space scientists, statisticians, and data processing experts) in order to address the data analysis issues of solar and heliospheric missions.

Experts from space physics and data processing communities will jointly address topics of interest:

Topic 1: Origin of variability and prediction of solar wind.

Invited speakers: Prof. William Matthaeus, Dr Khurom Kiyani

Topic 2: Optimal combination of in-situ and imaging data, in preparation of  Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus mission

Invited speakers: Dr Christian Mostl, Dr Tim Howard

Topic 3: How well can we predict solar eruptions (flares, CME arrival, SEP arrival) and geomagnetic disturbances?

Invited Speakers: Dr Graham Barnes, Prof. Pierre Dupont

Topic 4: Tracking of small scale magnetic features and its applications

Invited Speaker:  Dr Thomas Corpetti

Topic 5: Power laws in solar physics: observations and proper estimation

Invited Speakers: Prof Clare Parnell,  Prof. David Van Dyk

We look forward to welcoming you in La Roche-en-Ardenne this summer!

On behalf of the Organizers,

Véronique Delouille.

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